December 1, 2012: Literary R & R gives it five of five!

November 27, 2012: Ginger Sister‘s four star review.

November 23, 2012: Mentioned by Julia Veek in the first minute or two of her program on WBOI (NPR) Ft. Wayne.

November 22, 2012: “highly recommended” at KellyVision.

November 19, 2012: check out the positive review on a book blog called Classics Defined.

Advance Praise for White Buffalo Gold

“What I love the most about this novel is its honesty. It never feels contrived, even when the spirit of a white buffalo starts haunting someone…When I finished reading the novel I felt as if I’d just had tea with old friends and neighbors I hadn’t seen in a while, and I was so glad to have caught up on their lives…all the Americana with none of the pretense.”

— Lindsey Keesling, blogger at

Check out the customer reviews at Amazon and Goodreads as well.


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