Buy White Buffalo Gold

There are many easy ways to purchase White Buffalo Gold, both hard copies and as an e-Reader download.

To have the book shipped directly to you from my printer, $14.95+ shipping. Click this book:

You may also buy the book from me directly. This gets you an autographed copy. I have double shipping costs and of course I have to handle it myself, but it helps me out because I earn a bigger royalty. Shipping times will vary based on how busy my schedule is. Paypal-powered, completely secure payment method. $27, shipping included in price. Click this book:

My royalties are a little less on these, but I want it to be convenient for you, so here you go:

Buy it on Amazon, hard copy or for your Kindle. You can get it on your iPad, too! Are you using a Nook? We got you covered at Barnes and Noble!

Other E-Reader purchasing platforms: Kobo, Copia, and Gardner’s for my friends in the U.K.

12/11/12: Now available on Sony.

Do you have a book club, class, or any other reason to want more than one copy? To get bulk pricing, email me:


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