I offer several services within the writing arena:

  • Creative Content
  • Author Coaching

Creative Content: Business owners who want a regular blog or newsletter but don’t have time to come up with creative things to say contract with me. I don’t cut and paste from the web, your content will be as unique as White Buffalo Gold is. I will do some research, but I’ll find my own engaging ways to say them. Think of it as hiring a professional marketing copy writer whose main interest is helping you sell your product.

The process is simple. I interview you about your business, looking for stories that sell. I ask you what keywords you want me to focus on. I write a draft, ask you for feedback on the draft, and then I finalize copy. I charge by the hour, with a minimum. Typically my clients get one to two posts for every hour I spend, and ideally I write six to nine posts at a time to streamline and use my time effectively. If you’re interested in seeing some posts I’ve done for other people (under their names) Contact me:

Author Coaching: There aren’t a lot of published fiction authors (Indie or otherwise) who are also certified, fully-trained professional life coaches. With my specific coaching skill set, I help those who’ve always wanted to write a book actually set the SMART goals to accomplish this arduous and daunting task. Live your dream of becoming a published or Indie author. You can pay and schedule your coaching appointments at


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