About the Author

Adam Fleming was raised in the tiny towns of Tiskilwa, Ill.; Wembo Nyama, Zaire; and Wellman, Iowa. Fleming drew on his degree in nursing and work as a C.N.A. and L.P.N. in the early 90s to inspire the nursing home scenes in White Buffalo Gold. The author is a longtime resident of Goshen, Indiana, together with his wife and four children.

The author’s other artistic ventures include working as a sculptor and playwright. His first full-length theater production, A Pebble Among the Rocks, (2010) has its World Premier run at the end of October 2012 in Edwardsburg, Michigan.  A Pebble Among the Rocks is an early version of the story which the author gradually expanded into his debut novel, White Buffalo Gold. Readers interested in purchasing or commissioning a sculpture or considering attaining the rights to perform A Pebble Among the Rocks should contact the author. adam.fleming.wrcc@gmail.com

Along with his artistic pursuits, Adam became an arts coach working with writers and other artists, and has followed his own coaching principles to meet a lifelong dream to become an author. His clients enjoy increased vision and purpose, lifestyle balance, and freedom from writer’s block. You can schedule and pay for his coaching services all in one place, right here.

Find his blog on coaching, the arts, community, Jesus here.


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