Blog Tour in Full Swing

Three bloggers have already reviewed the book and there are several more to come in the next week or two. You can see those on the reviews page.

I’ve announced an Amazon Bump day for December 8. I’m giving away an original charcoal drawing for one lucky person who posts a review on Amazon by that time.

A few more book signings coming up: Mummphy’s on Saturday the 1st in Elkhart, IN and Next Chapter in Warsaw, IN on Dec 7. Perhaps a small family and friends affair in Iowa over the Christmas holiday.

Finally, I’m beginning to enter some major book contests. I’ll do one per month over the next six months or so. Hope I can win an award from one of them.

Yeah, I can’t help it. I’m starting to kick around some ideas for my next book.


Down Time

While I’m preparing right now for a season of Down Time from creative pursuits, a period in which I’m working on building my coaching client base, the machine is in place and moving forward. The blog tour is about to begin, posts should start appearing early next week. I have my first book club appearance scheduled for December 4 in Michigan. More bookstore signings begin after Thanksgiving and into December. Most importantly, from the run of 240 books I got on September 24 there are only about 110 left.

I gave some away, and I haven’t crunched the numbers exactly, but I’m pretty sure this means I’ve sold at least 100 copies. That’s a milestone I’m thrilled to have reached within the first two months as a first time novelist. Performing the parallel theater piece titled A Pebble Among the Rocks in October and early November was instrumental in selling a lot of them, and I want to thank everyone in the cast and crew and especially the audiences for checking it out!

People do wonder what my next project will be. First, I need to take a break, as I said before. That’s not going to be easy, though, because I do have some ideas. I’m going to do some character sketching, but the two major ideas in my mind are: 1) A story about a mouse, an old lady, and a televangelist. 2) A story about a three year old boy who gets lost at a Led Zeppelin concert. On this latter concept I have at least 30,000 words written in extremely rough draft. I got stuck for a while (and sidetracked when the time came for hard-core proofreading of White Buffalo Gold) but one of these two will either be a novel or a play and a novel. Tentatively I’d like to have another project done and in your hands by the end of 2014. The only considerations are money… and time. But I found the time and money for the editing, proofreading, design and printing of one book. I know I can do another.